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L.A. Vibes in Every Frame


Art direction and Content Creation



2022 - 2023

Overlover_Lifestyle_2022-08-06 114.jpg

For Overlover, a fashion brand that epitomizes the laid-back yet stylish essence of Los Angeles, I directed the art and crafted content that truly captures the brand’s unique identity. The goal was to blend the vibrant, relaxed spirit of L.A. with chic, contemporary fashion.

The creative direction focused on showcasing the collection in iconic L.A. settings, highlighting the effortless cool and versatility of the designs. Each image was carefully styled to reflect the brand’s aesthetic, emphasizing comfort without compromising on style.

Through a combination of striking visuals and engaging content, the project successfully conveyed the essence of Overlover, making each piece a statement of casual elegance and urban sophistication. The result is a compelling visual narrative that resonates with the modern, fashion-forward audience.

Overlover_Lifestyle_2022-08-06 136.jpg
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