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Miss Nori

Redefining Fast Fashion


Creative Strategy and Rebranding / Web design - UX | UI / Art Direction and content.



2020 - 2021


For Miss Nori, an online fashion brand, I undertook a comprehensive project encompassing Creative Strategy, Rebranding, Web Design, Art Direction, and Content Creation. The goal was to refresh the brand’s image, making it more engaging and visually appealing and appeal to a new target audience.

Through art direction and content creation, we developed a series of campaigns and visuals that tell the story of Miss Nori. From stunning lookbooks to engaging social media content, every piece was designed to resonate with the brand’s essence, fostering a strong connection and encouraging brand loyalty. This project was a holistic approach to elevating Miss Nori’s brand, blending strategy and creativity to achieve a captivating and cohesive online presence.

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& Creative Strategy

The rebranding process included a modernized logo, a refined color palette, and updated typography, all designed to convey a sense of contemporary elegance.


The creative strategy focused on emphasizing Miss Nori’s unique blend of chic, trendy, and accessible fashion. We aimed to create a cohesive visual identity that reflects the brand’s commitment to stylish yet comfortable clothing.

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